Welcome to Union Hill Cumberland Presbyterian Church in America

Ander1  023-"It's Not about Me"

"Remember, only what we do for Christ will last."

I would like to personally thank the Church Session and the Union Hill Congregation for calling me to serve as your pastor.  Thank you for embracing my wife Fruzzie and myself with Christian love.

I am mighty grateful that the good Lord has brought us into a new season and as we begin this new journey of faith.  Let's pray that we will seek first the Kingdom of God. Let's strive diligently to put God first in all we do.  God will bless Union Hill abundantly if we serve Him with our whole heart.  I am a firm believer. "Only what we do for Christ will last."

Let's begin each day and end each day with prayer.  We should pray for God's direction, protection and divine reflection.  Let us keep God's inspired words before us. 

Our Mission

Union Hill CPCA is a Christian Church united in purpose.

Our mission is to love God with our whole hearts.  We are to live in ways that evidence we glorify God.  We are to love our fellow human beings even as we love ourselves.  We are to lift up, praise and exalt the name of Jesus. We assemble to worship God in Spirit and in Truth.  We study God's word to know God's will for our lives.  We submit for biblical training.  We submit ourselves to be equipped to become disciples of  Jesus Christ.

Our History

church history1History of Union Hill

In 1911, Union Hill had its beginning on the site now owned by Redstone Aresenal and Marshal Space Flight Center. The late Jim Holden was the land owner.
In 1922, Reverend Henry Johnson, served as pastor of Union Hill.

In 1930, Reverend Surrey Mitchell served as pastor until the last government acquired the land.  Occasionally, Reverend Lewis Powell and Cy Fletcher would preach at Union Hill.